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Cooperativism & OFW Reintegration

Cooperativism & OFW Reintegration

In today’s global scenario, the race for survival is widely perceived as an inevitable crisis each man has to wrestle. And the common denominator behind this sorry reality is more likely economic in nature. Stability has become a proverbial question not only among those countries who struggle for a stalwart economic order, but also those who have ever since been known as “Giants in Economy”. As population grows leaps and bounds every minute just as the world also gets smaller and older, so does economic trend fluctuate incomprehensibly daily. This marching of events breaking from the community of nations everyday poses us with no escape a dreary future on how to be able to cope with the demands of time.

Bohol Leyte OFW Cooperative-Founding Members with former Welfof Iriles Ladjabasal and Former Consul Garibay now ConGen in Australia

Bohol Leyte OFW Cooperative-Founding Members with former Welof Iriles Ladjabasal, the late Labor Attache Abraham Malli and Former Consul Garibay now Consul in Australia ( Bong Amora-Center and Peter Polestico – 2nd from left)

As part of this web of uncertainties wherein we figure as the end targets of impact, we need to buckle down seriously in attacking issues that concern human subsistence particularly ourselves, our families, our children and their future. Something that could ensure us promising prospects for sustainability which would not reduce us to sub-human level. Naturally, the how-to-do-it and what-to-do questions pop out from everyone’s mind. And subsequently, each one needs a plausible answer.

The most sober response to this is the emerging viability of effort collectivism. The Philippines in the past several years in line with the Overseas Filipinos Re-integration program of both the government and the Non-Government Organizations has openly extended its approval and assistance to other NGO’s as part of its strategy in solving the surmounting economic anxieties nationwide. Under this NGO umbrella branches out the phenomenal co-operativism concept of promoting sustainable development programs in the countryside.

Cooperativism effectively has helped ease the barriers of unemployment, inflation and market stagnation. It also inspired the grassroots to involve themselves in many a productive endeavor other than being individualistic and partial. Like the “Bayanihan” concept, co-operativism has securely tightened the bonds of helping each other through aggregated virtues of self-respect, industry, self reliance, diligence, etc. towards attaining a common goal.

The unprecedented success of co-operativism can never be discredited vis-à-vis to its role in nation building. It has worked potentially and prospered lives among many of its adherents. Owing to its substantial effects, there is no way it can work in a group if the bottom line is to serve the interest of the few if not individual. It has to be functioned for a greater number of beneficiaries who will received its services.

What are the Aims & Objectives:

To foster r friendship, service, co-operation, and mutual benefit among its members in the conduct of its operation. Also, the objectives and purposes for which this co-operative is to be formed are to:

1) Encourage thrift and savings mobilization among its members for capital formation.

2) Create funds in order to grant loans for productive and providential purposes to its members.

3) Provide goods, services, welfare and other requirements of the members and its beneficiaries.

4) Engage in conduct, and carry on the business of investments and deals with the money’s and properties of the co-operative in such manner as may from time to time be considered wise or expedient for the advancement of its interests.

5)To work with the co-operative movement, non-government and government organizations/entities in the promotion of countryside development in line with the OFW Re-integration Program by both Government of Non-Government Organizations in the Philippines.

In furtherance of and not in limitation of the general powers conferred by the laws of the Philippines particularly the Cooperative Development Authority and the objectives and purposes set forth, this cooperative shall have the powers:

a)To draw, make, accept, endorse, guarantee, execute and issue promissory notes, mortgages, bills of exchange, drafts, warrants, certificates and all kinds of obligations and instruments in connection with and in advancement of its business operations;

b) To issue bonds, debentures and other obligations of the cooperative, to contract indebtedness and to secure the same with mortgage or deed of trust, or pledge or lien on any or all of the real and personal properties of the cooperative;

c) And to acquire facilities, either by or through construction, purchase, lease, bequest or donation, grants from local or foreign sources.

If co-operativism has worked out in many areas in the Philippines, then it is also workable anywhere irrespective of its geographical location, creed, religion and what not. It simply means it can be done anywhere as its inceptive location to build its databases. Although, in the long term, its main objective is to coarsely attacked the feasible market in the Philippines. **end

COOPERATIVISM and OFW Reintegration
By: Peter Polestico and Bong Amora
Founding Members
Former Board of Director
Bohol Leyte OFW Cooperative (BLOC)


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